Be it a Toilet, Sink, Bath, Basin, Shower or Gully, We Unblock them all.

Specialized Services:
Grease/Fat trap cleaning – (Descale & disinfect with each service.)
Septic waste disposal
High pressure water jetting
CCTV Pipe Inspection – (Inspect pipe inside condition.)

We specialize and have the necessary tools and knowledge to unblock a variety of blockages from your common blocked Sewer line to a Big Main Storm Water line.

We will find and sort out the root cause.
We clean from the toilet through to the manhole.
We remove all obstructions within the pipe leaving it clean and clear.

Blocked Drains is probably the most common Plumbing Problem that gets reported on a daily basis. As the Sewer lines gets older there is more maintenance involved. Drains might need a good clean out every 6 months in order to keep the pipe clear of any roots that entered the pipe system.

Roots in Drain Lines.
There are small tree roots that finds an opening in the pipeline be it at the joint or a crack in the pipe. Because there is constant water the roots go down the pipeline and grows there because of the constant water supply. The more roots that grows in the pipeline obstruct the free flow in the pipe causing a blockage.

CCTV Pipe Inspection:

Utilizing the camera inspection equipment allows us to investigate your drain pipe
inside. The Pipe might be broken, collapsed or may have been blocked up by roots,
rubble, mud, etc. A detailed report can be provided after every camera inspection.

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