Is your Geyser not Heating up, Tripping or Dripping? We can Help you. Do your need a New Geyser Installed? We can Help you.

Insurance Approved, Certified Plumbers.

Plumbing COC on all New Geysers Installed.

5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee on New Geyser Installations.

Installations done per: SANS 10254

We only use SABS Approved material.

Do you have water leaking from your Ceiling?

It might be the Geyser that is leaking. Normally Geysers are situated close to the Bathroom in the roof. This is one way of narrowing down if it is a burst pipe or Leaking Geyser.

Fault Finding:

1.) Is your Geyser not heating up? It Might be the Element or Thermostat that needs to be replaced.

2.) Is there boiling hot water disposing from a pipe? It Might be your TP (Temperature and Pressure Valve)

3.) Each Geyser also needs a Pressure Valve installed before your geyser to bring down the Council water pressure to the Geyser. Generally, this will need be a 400KPA Pressure valve but they can vary. Pressure valves release water from the overflow after the hot water was used in a bath or shower etc. This is normal as the Pressure increases in the Geyser when heating up the water and thus it releases water through the overflow.

4.) Ripple Relay Switch: This is a switch that is controlled by the council during Load Shedding or Power Saving that can be switched off, it stops power supply to the geyser. Even if your geyser is on at the DB Board when this switch is off there will be no power to the Geyser.

Geyser Tray:

All Geysers should by law be fitted with a drip tray, this is to protect your ceiling from water damage in case of a burst geyser.

Geyser COC:

Each New Geyser that is installed gets a Geyser Certificate of compliance. These COC’s can only be issued by a Registered Plumber belonging to the PIRB. Geyser Manufacturers rely on a geyser COC to honor Warranty Claims.

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