High Pressure Sewer Jetting

(Advanced Drain Technology)

Full Bore Cleaning, Storm Water lines and Sewer lines Cleaning

1 Stop Plumbing also has a Specialized High Pressure Water Jetting division that caters for stubborn
blocked sewers, storm-water and waste drains. The technique used involves the use of high pressure
water in order to clean clogged drains properly and remove the toughest of blockages which might exist
in your drains and pipes.

Utilizing special equipment we also do periodic maintenance on your drains to prevent buildup of fat,
grease, rubble, mud, sand, roots or sludge. Performing this preventative maintenance can ensure that
your drains will always be utilized to the maximum potential. Our jets are highly effective for clearing
pipes from 75mm – 800mm

Tailor made Preventative Maintenance Contracts bimonthly or with the seasonal change.

We can also do CCTV Pipe Inspection after jetting the line.


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