Water Leak Detection

High Water Bill? Can’t find your leak? We Locate water leaks.

We Do Main and Sub water line Leak Detection, Big and Small.

Markets We Serve:

Commercial, Industrial and Residential.
From Houses, Multi Dwelling Units, Residential Estates, Shopping Centre’s, Airports, Manufacturing Plants, Schools etc.

Every day thousands of liters of precious water is wasted and lost due to leaking pipes.

A leaking pipe can likely be caused by: 

  • High water pressure
  • Old pipes
  • Corrosion
  • Low quality materials
  • Extreme cold
  • Improper installation

How do you know if you have a leaking water pipe?

  • An irregularly high water bill.
  • Hearing the sound of water running even though all the taps are closed securely.
  • Warm areas on your floor or on the bathroom or kitchen floors/walls.
  • Dampness on your walls.
  • Water puddles on paving or grass.
We have specially trained staff, qualified in using specialist equipment that allows us to establish where your leak is. We use the latest technology in Acoustic, Gas, Thermal, Moisture meter and Loggers. This enables us to effectively locate the leak in your pipe without unnecessary digging up and damaging your property.
Pipe Location
We are able to Locate Steel, Galvanized and Copper water pipes underground, be it under Paving, Concrete or Asphalt. We can also mark out where Sewer and Storm water lines run and the depth of the pipes. We use a Sonde together with our Pipe Locator to detect what’s going on underground.

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